Mutual Fund Free Historical Quotes

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by axcel, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. axcel


    Does anyone know where to obtain free
    historical quotes/returns for mutual funds

    (interested primarily in daily data)

    All replies are appreciated
  2. Ebo


    Just go to Fidelity's website.

    That was tough.
  3. axcel



    What about other companies?
  4. Ebo


    Do you need anything else spoon fed to you?
  5. axcel


    Can you download this data in Excel/Meta?
  6. One


    Yahoo has historical quotes including the ability to download to Excell.
  7. i ran into the same problem - and if you're looking for, say, 200mutual funds, you'd be damn retarded to go to each fund family's website and manually pull it off - you need something like Yahoo's historical dl, but for mutual funds

    slight problem - look up something in it like agf's agressive asian growth and it hasn't bene updated for years*