Mutiny at the Federal Reserve Has Begun

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  1. This kind of leaking designed to undermine Bernanke is really bad. Personally, I think the dissenters are dead wrong. Commodity prices are crashing, we are likely in a recession and the financial sector is on the ropes. Last thing we need is rate increases.

    That said, Bernanke hasn't been a very strong leader. Too wishy washy, too collegial. He bears a lot of blame for allowing the financial crisis to fester to the point it required an enormous bailout.
  2. Commodity prices are crashing?

    I see them going down, but crashing? After the moves up they've had?

    I think you need to check your definition of that word.
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    WRONG! We DESPERATELY need rate increases to preserve the wealth of the American people.

    The Fed had irresponsibly pumped the money supply, held rates at negative-to-real-inflation... and lied about the consequences. :mad:
  4. Mutiny!

  5. Oil went from 50 to 140 something in a year and a half.

    Bernake is dangerous. They have no idea what they are getting into with all these facilities and manipulations. They should be focused on winding down bad institutions.
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    I think he is very wrong on doing the meetings on his unique way(speaking last) as opposed to the greenspan way of being the first. with his way a revolt is much more likely, whatever benefits he gets will be offset by diminished credibility and more volatility because people will feel like they dont know what is going on
  7. The benchmark rate will be held at 2 percent, according to all 69 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News

    Our economy is in good hands with this many economists.
  8. You know what we need for an economy that blew its self to bits because of cheap credit?

    MORE CHEAP CREDIT! Im a genius
  9. Maybe the start of a crash, who knows.
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