Must trade today.. how?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by frostengine, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. I have a friend who has never traded before... but he is DEAD set on wanting to trade today. He thinks he has a great idea but must make the trade today....

    I am only familiar with interactive brokers policies now since that is all i currently use....and I know they generally have a several business day hold period before the funds are available... plus he is new to trading i'd hate to get him set up there. I used scottrade several years ago, but dont remember there policies...

    Is there any broker out there that he can set up an account and have the money ready to use BEFORE end of trading today?

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    Try TOS. Get in touch with their live support they maybe able to help.
  3. nkhoi

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    get him a paper account.
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    cant think of a worse day to start trading, a fed day in a crisis
  5. great, lets get him set up. The more money he trades with the better........for us :)

  6. Yea I agree...... to make matters worse he wants a financial stock ;)...... but back on topic any broker you know for sure can set something like this up that I can tell him?
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    since you are such a pal , let him use your account but ask for a big deposit, you never know.
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  9. nkhoi,

    No thanks... way too risky of a play....
  10. Ask your friend for a loan before he starts. After he trades on that kind of emotion, he won't have it to loan after trading. Itchy fingers are very costly.
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