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    No loss...
  3. This sucks, now where will I go to get my jets....
  4. Individually, maybe not. Collectivly it is a pervasive business loss. All the easy money is gone, regulated and taxed away in every industry in this good old USA.
  5. Damm! Now I'll have to read Sports Illustrated, GQ, Cigar Aficionado, Wine Spectator and the Robb Report in order to get the trading knowledge that I used to get from Trader Monthly. :(
  6. I wondered why my issues stopped coming. It was a rag, no loss. Good bathroom reading, that was about it.
  7. Kinda sad in my opinion. I got my issues for free, but prob would have splurged the 100 bucks a year for a subscription. Aside from the "top traders" and the ads aimed at the successful trader, I thought some of the articles were quite interesting. Johnny chan's column relating poker to trading was my favorite.
  8. Decent magazine, too bad.

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    Received a few free issues, waste of trees for anyone outside the sophmoric New York wannabee set.
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    It figures!
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