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    I predict the above will become a meme in ET this year, as encapsulated by Rush (which I have posted before somewhere here in some other context), but bears repeating as I sense a general uptick now in general malaise about the tellers.

    They (The ET readership) are going to want more show-ers. Just a spidey-sense thing.

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    I see. What kind of alternative, you could recommend ?
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  3. This video was already posted two years ago on ET, and has been reposted many times since then. Use the Search box at the top right corner of the page, type "Anton Kreil" and you'll find multiple discussions about this video.
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    Thanks Hobby Trading.
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  5. And no doubt it will be posted again .... and again. By some well meaning poster who believes it will help someone.

    It won't very much IMHO.
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