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    ha....this dude doesn't trade anymore. he made most of his money from selling bs stuff and running his wife cat's business.
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  3. I watched this video and there is nothing meaningful in it. I’m not sure why anyone would recommend this.
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    You wanna' know why so many retail traders blow up? Because so many people like this douche prime their subconscious minds of retail traders to do just what they say...Blow up. Listen to this guy here...

    He does not say "You CAN blow up" or you "might blow up."

    He says you "WILL blow up."

    If so many people keep telling you that a thing is going to happen, you will probably find a way to assure it will happen. This is an age-old method of manipulation.
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    Do you honestly believe, that it has no value at all ? Ex, for a newbie, to get an insight, about brokers & conflict of interest, when it comes to CFD's ?
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    This will be quite interesting:
    1. How many will really watch the video
    2. How many will fully understand it
    3. How many will say it is "ridiculous B.S."
    4. How may will realize it maybe the unfortunate reality?
    5. How many will say "stupid to have posted this"?
    6. How many will say That They Liked it?
    7. How many will criticize Anton Kreil as someone who never made Millions trading?
    8. How many will say he is "just selling courses and living off his wife's Cat Business?
    9. How many will say he is just that "he is manipulating the viewer to ruin them"?
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    Welcome, Norbert, to Elite Trader which you may find is a strange group of contesting Egos
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  9. To any financial trainers who charge $XXXX for short courses: Show us your long-term track record over a few bull and bear markets. DOn't talk only. Show us the numbers. Any student who is thinking of signing up for his expensive course should ask this basic question. What is your long-term track record? Preferably audited. Don't let him show only his successes but hide the losing trades.
  10. It’s garbage. Pure garbage.
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