Must I Be The Voice of Reason In All This Giddiness?

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    Sorry, but those "trendlines" are not drawn properly. They seem to be placed where you wish them to be. And are they semi-log charts or linear????

    I don't have time now but I'll post the proper trendlines for the indexes soon.
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  2. If the Y2K high is significant, why did only one of the several widely followed US indices stop near it? Nasdaq, Dow, Russell...all had '07 tops a long long way from the '00 tops.

    Not asking that you believe it - just keep an open mind.

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  3. I don't use log charts and you're right - I pretty much put the line where I thought they looked good, just my attempt to keep it simple...............usually I use even thicker lines for longer time frames.

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  4. :D
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  5. Our work is similar. I recently posted here that out of the dozen or so people I've shared my stuff with in the past few years only 2 expressed any continued interest.
    Weirdly they were two of my smarter friends. Without doubt the market is cycle/fib/measured driven and violations of the "playbook" provide follow through.

    Shortie: I get your point but yea sometimes you just need to suspend logic. After all the Dow found resistance at around 1000 perhaps a dozen times in a 17 year period. Different components, 5 different Presidents etc......
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  6. Seems a good question to test is whether following that bearish fractal under- or over-performed a selection of arbitrarily chosen alternative bearish fractals.

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  7. You are not as dumb as you look PasPrime:

    I now think you may have some sparks in that heavy piece between your shoulders.

    You are close to understanding, but not there yet. Progress the good work.

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  8. Now there's (potentially) an interesting fractal for the next 15 years...

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  9. Good point!

    T/A is not always so as clear as the beautifully clear and long term double top on the S&P.

    Just depends on one's time frame and interpretation.
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  10. Provided that you don't step on sidewalk cracks with your right foot on even-numbered calendar days. It's all really quite remarkable, isn't it?

    P.S. What's your favorite chant?

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