Must have toy this fall: Romney the Robot

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  1. Comic-Con Toy Pokes Fun at Romney

    Heroes In Action, a toy company that produces monster figurines based on presidents and other politicians, used its booth at the conference to unveil a prototype of its latest action figure: Romney the Robot.

    Mocking the Republican presidential candidate’s stiff demeanor and wealth, the figurine features Romney’s head atop a body encased in a gold robot suit. An ATM machine inset on the torso bears the legend “For Deposit Only.” A gold dollar sign protrudes from either side of its helmet.

    Mark Huckabone, president of Heroes In Action, said the finished model will likely bear two bumper stickers on its back: “I Brake for Mormons” and “I [Heart] Money.” But, Huckabone added, “I don’t know how far I want to push it.”

  2. Mitt Romney, product of US Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc.:D