Must Have Been A White Guy Because....

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  1. pspr


    .....No black guy would be denied food stamps.

    Authorities say a Louisiana man who got a loaded AR-15 assault rifle from his pickup truck after being turned down for disaster food stamps has been jailed.

    Louisiana State Police say a claims processor in LaPlace told officers a man became irate after being denied aid Tuesday evening after recent Hurricane Isaac. They say officers providing security at the location saw the man go to his vehicle and troopers, sheriff's deputies and national guard troops surrounded and disarmed him.

    Trooper Melissa Matey says investigators also found a handgun and several loaded ammunition magazines. She says 46-year-old Mark Knight of LaPlace was booked on charges of terrorizing and aggravated assault. Bond was set at $20,000.

    Knight remained jailed Thursday.
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    I wonder, can you use food stamps to make bail?
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  4. A gun nut, no doubt.
  5. JamesL


    Uh...he COULDN'T get food stamps.
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    Yes, but I didn't mean the idiot in question. Just in general.
  7. Nothing to worry about folks it was just rcg with his 22cal ammo and his AR-15.:D :D
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    :D :D