Must be time to short the NQ.

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Overnight, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Overnight


    I went long in Sep MNQ with 3 contracts at 7850.75. Not sure why, but this is a sign that the NQ will now drop at least 10%. Happens to me every time I go long near ATH.

    Short it, dude. Fade me and I will make you wealthy.
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  2. ES needs to reenter 2950. Right now it's bullish.
  3. destriero


    Get out on the release of the Fed minutes.
  4. Overnight



    Nope. Short all equities now, because I went long. Trust me on this.
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  5. Overnight


    Meeting minutes matter not. Minutes could infer Powell is going to go super dovish. But I am the barrier to up movement now. I am long, so fade me. Look at my history. I have this uncanny knack to do the wrong thing at the right time.

    I have that power. It feels good. On 3 Micros. Imagine that.
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  6. Big Cohones...

    Sovereign Yield.jpg
  7. Overnight


    I don't know what that means Stockholio. All I know is, every time I settle in for an overnight hold for a mere target of, say 50 points, the market corrects over the course of 2 weeks to 3 months. Sometimes 10%, sometimes 20%. Maybe this time it will be the 80% that everyone wants to happen. This is why I am on micros now. I have calculated my risk, and I can survive a 50% drop on equities with 3 contracts on the Micro. That is what I expect every time I go long now.

    It is a sign.
  8. PPT is activated permanently... It's going up no matter what until offshore credit pops, but it seems extremely close at this point... Collateral calls, it's never losses that kill you, it's the lack of credit. ECB keeps swap line with DB permanent, maybe it survives.
  9. dozu888


    what's wrong with you bro... your picture is the guy who keeps yelling 'buy buy buy', why all the doom gloom from you?

    the price action so far doesn't support a 10% correction... we are ready for a lift off, earning run of +10% more likely.
  10. Overnight


    Did the price action support a 10% drop in NQ on May 5th? It did not. But it happened anyway. Did the price action in NQ support a 20% drop on Oct 3rd 2018? It did not, but it dropped 20% anyways.
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