Muslims whip themselves silly on religious holiday

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  1. Bloody rites and agonising ceremony: Devotees turn mosque floor red during mass flagellation to mourn Shiite martyr
    PUBLISHED: 17:19, 25 November 2012 | UPDATED: 13:05, 26 November 2012

    Blood is seen on the floor of a mosque as Indian Shiite Muslims flagellate themselves during a holy procession.
    Shi'a Muslims all over the world pay their respects with the flowing of their blood as they mourn the slaying and martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad.
    He was killed by his political rivals along with 72 companions in the seventh century battle of Kerbala where some of the bodies of the dead were then mutilated.

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  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    They should have dropped cartoons of Mohammed into the square and watched what happened.
  3. Not my cup of tea but if Shiites and Catholics want to whip themselves into a bloody lather then their choice.
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    It's too bad the CIA didn't get a line written into the Koran years ago about slitting your wrists for Alah.
  5. Abrahamic religions are the same, regardless of branch.

    At the beautiful papal residence overlooking Lake Albano outside Rome, a sound would occasionally emanate from the Pope's private chamber. It was John Paul II, flagellating himself.
    ''Several times he would put himself through bodily penance,'' said a Polish nun, Tobiana Sobodka, who worked in the Pope's Vatican apartments and summer residence. ''You could hear the sound of the blows when he flagellated himself.''

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  6. I am quite sure this post killed this thread, and it will sink quietly to the bottom, where it belongs.

    God bless the conservative mind.:D
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    Don't concern yourself with Abraham, RCG. The choice was between Isaac or Ishmael. Islam chose poorly.
  8. Okay, and who was the father of those two men?
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    I'm telling you that that is where the paths split. The Christianity does not contain such instructions.

    The last lamb has been sacrificed.