Muslims Go Berserk After Christian Pres. Elected

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    More evidence Islam is a religion of peace?

    Goodluck Jonathan, who became Nigeria's president after his Muslim predecessor died in office last year, has long been considered the front-runner. His ruling People's Democratic Party has dominated politics in the West African giant since it became a democracy 12 years ago.

    Angry opposition supporters in Nigeria's Muslim north set fire to homes bearing ruling party banners Monday and heavy gunfire rang out in several towns as election officials released results showing the Christian incumbent had gained an insurmountable lead.
  2. I for one, concede your point. Now, step two. What do you propose to do about it other than not convert to Islam?
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    I'm going to present the story to you so that you will be a better informed individual.
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    "Thousands have been killed in Muslim-Christian violence in the past decade, but the roots of the sectarian conflict are often embedded in struggles for political and economic dominance."
  5. I am much more well informed than you may think about Al-Islam pspr.

    Again, I concede, what is your solution?
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    And again, I tell you that I put such stories here to enlighten yourself and others. Any point I am trying to deliver should be obvious.
  7. I am dense.

    Please state your position clearly for all to see.

    What is your solution?
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    What horse are you on today?

    What is your solution?

    What are you going to do?

    Stop being so dense! Do you enjoy nonsensical discussions?
  9. You post these threads of "information". Okay, fine, it means you won't become a Muslim. Is there another agenda? Should we round them all up? What does Nigeria have to do with us? I just wonder what that is all about? Educate me:D
  10. Oh please, there is no simple solution that can be described in a post on an internet blog. The first step is to make the public realize that Islam is not a religion of peace and is in fact a violent sect stuck in the 7th century, unwilling to compromise and live in peace with "infidels", bent on dominating the world and not hesitating to resort to the worst kind of deceit, treachery and violence to achieve their objectives.

    Once the widespread understanding of the the nature of Islam is reached a serious discussion on the solution will undoubtedly commence but at this point we are not there yet as way too many people are too brainwashed and politically correct to recognize the obvious, all the facts and all the crimes committed in the name of Islam notwithstanding.
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