Muslims: Dont mess with the Buddists.

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    That afternoon, several Muslim men yanked a monk off a motorcycle and burned him to death. Buddhist mobs in turn torched 12 out of 13 of the city's mosques and businesses owned by Muslims, who made up about a third of Meikhtila's 100,000 inhabitants.

    The article REALLY leans to the muslim side, but I loved this line in the article. I think when muslims get out of control, we need to do this shit. That will put them in line real fast.
  2. pspr


    Too bad we aren't prepared to do that here when they start getting out of control.
  3. Yeah, they fly planes into our tallest buildings and we build them a mosque.
  4. maxpi


    well, I mean... they are pretty scary, no? Two planes took out three buildings. I can't do that s$%t. Maybe you can but I really don't see how they did that. I may have to read the Koran and find out how they do that stuff...