Muslims are enraged!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sputdr, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. What else is new?

    This is why Islam just cannot co-exist with the civilized modern world, at some point there is going to be a world confrontation.
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    Not just enraged, but adherents to The religion of Peace <A href="">are making death threats</a> as literary criticism.

  3. I was just thinking about something.

    Why is it that when something like this happens and they all go crazy and start protesting why do the American muslims never participate?
  4. an astonishing flaw in your world view, is that you assume muslims are one entity, one person, who all think alike. how many muslims are there, spanning how many countries in the world, sputdr?

    just imagine if a few bad muslims assumed all americans were like you. is it really that hard to understand how muslims in america could hold different views than in any number of other countries?
  5. I can think of a couple of reasons -

    The Muslims here are moderates and realize they have a pretty good life and want to enjoy the life style/financial benefits of being here, as opposed to living in a Muslim run country - especially if they love their mothers/wives/daughters.


    They realize they don't have enough here to go 'wilding' like those a-holes in France did a while back.


    That's why you'll never see more than a token few words about how the protesters don't represent 'true' Islam. Because in fact the protesters DO represent true Islam, and the moderates here know it and what to protect their own interests for as long as they can.


    The few token words will be nothing but a smoke screen, for the purpose of hiding their end game - the return of the Caliphate. Remember, lying is ok for them if in the end it promotes Islam.
  6. Prophet! Daft and dumb, keeping woman under thumb

  7. Sorry but that's politically correct garbage, until they [muslims] root out those allegedly few bad apples they are fully responsible for them. And to the best of my knowledge they've done nothing so far to root out Osama, Hamas, Iranian president, suicide bombers, enraged protesters making death threats etc. Silent support is still support and I don't see any active dissent or opposition to violence, fundamentalism and terrorism in muslim societies.
  8. That isn't what I meant but I'm sure somewhere in Deerborn Michigan a few muslims are angry about the cartoon so I am curious as to why they haven't protested like those in other countries.
  9. man, we got some geniuses here.
    the ? is r u ready to die for christ?
    the muslems brothers are ready and unlike ya klans n craackers they don't fear death.
  10. Well said dddooo, good post
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