muslims and liberal rot

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    In the name of your vaunted multiculturalism (that is anything but white western conservative male), you will jump in bed with anyone in order to escape what you call the white conservative oppression. How many muslim tranny surprises before you wake up? You ever gonna admit diversity is a sham?

    Let's see we have Jimmy Carter and Iran, Sweden committing muslim suicide, Obama and Iran, Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Sharia law being pushed anywhere there are more than 2 muslims, and now you get treated to this:

    Those innovative muslims, where would we be without them?
  2. Rabies is terrible thing.
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    that's it? I know you have no arguments but you can't even manage a decent insult?

    here we go again, whenever you confront them with the reality they don't know what to do except hiss and foam at the mouth
  4. They are brainwashed's really that simple.

    20+ years after leaving college, they still believe all that tripe in their African American history and Gender Studies courses.
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    Sure and I would not care except these brainwashed morons have their man in the white house, and the peabrain that thinks muslims schools are superior is a US congressman.

    Humans have unlimited capacity for delusion, liberalism is just the latest religion in a long line that the majority of humans subscribe to.
  6. LOL!

    I almost thought you were addressing a dog or a bitch.
  7. I'm assuming that he was frothing at the mouth when he typed it.
  8. Look out !! Behind you !! A Muslim !! A liberal Muslim !! A gay liberal Muslim !!!
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    that one is even worse, 5th grade liberal shout down. take a break, you must be getting sweaty
  10. Democrats just appeal to the lowest common denominator and it's working fine for them.. the size and influence of the Public Sector compared to the Private Sector makes the economy unsustainable but they don't seem to care at all about that. White people can be talked into a death spiral brought on by immigration. Who wants muslims from Africa feeding off their welfare system? France got that and they got crime and riots and all that s%^t.. White women can vote for a death spiral if you tell them they are oppressed I guess, they vote Democrat and it's always been a death spiral thingy...

    The meltdown is inevitable now. I can always see these things. I knew that the stock market of the late '90's was a bubble and I told people about it. Some of them lost it all, people don't get it a lot of the time. It's the same with the political and economic situation in the US currently.

    I was analzying how the public sector will do in the meltdown. County governments are the most corrupt because nobody pays close attention to what they do. They get their income from property taxes. So their revenue might dip while people can still make their mortgage payments but when the houses get foreclosed on for non-payment of taxes, some of those will be paid for and I guess the County gets the money from that. They feed off the dying carcass of the economy essentially. I saw that happening in the Carter years and wondered why the California state government did nothing to help the residents. I guess it was because their Public Sector bretheren at the County level were making a killing.

    The states get revenue from income and sales tax, many blue states have both. Their incomes will just fall with the incomes of their residents.
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