Muslim terrorists murder our allies

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    When the hell are they going to murder you?
  2. Why do we support Israel again?

    " a good friend of the United States-one of the best friends we will ever have," House majority leader Dick Armey reiterated April 15th. Yet Israel neither possesses natural resources nor geographically separates us from those of another country. Because of its status as a Jewish state, it almost never contributes troops to American-led military operations, many of which take place in Muslim nations these days. Love it or hate it, U.S. support for Israel is pretty much a one-way deal.

    Israel's 5.7 million people live on a plot of sun-bleached rocks the size of New Jersey. Our unconditional support for this tiny country offends hundreds of millions of Muslims spanning the globe from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines, whose countries possess the vast majority of the globe's energy resources. The U.S.-Israeli alliance also provides endless fodder to radical Islamists currently planning the next 9-11. In short, Israel is arguably the greatest single geopolitical liability to the security and economy of the United States.
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    Would you rather that a billion bloodthirsty Muzzies were focused on Israel or the US of A?
  4. Why are you such a moron?
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    It goes hand in hand with being a flaming liberal.
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    Since when is India our ally? India has been an unaligned country for decades.