Muslim cashiers refuse to handle pork products

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    This is the tip of the iceberg.....

    This man sums it up nicely .

    "It's about one ethnic group imposing its own beliefs on the rest of us," said Manny Laureano, 51, of Plymouth, who plays trumpet for the Minnesota Orchestra. "It goes against the whole idea of this country as different groups of people who came together to create a single culture."
  2. 500,000+ Iraqis were killed for lies and to impose "Democracy"on them, yet a few pampered Americans cry high and wide when some stupid cashier refuses to sell them their pork. "The cashier tries to impose Islam on us"- If you don't want something to be forced on you don't try to force anything on them. It is that simple folks. :)
  3. Ya know Indahook, I too think Islam is a death cult HOWEVER I respect religious freedom to such regard that I support the non-bacon swiper in this article.

    It used to drive me crazy when I'd see these pious Muslims in Chicago running liqueur stores while reading the Koran behind the counter.

  4. Moron, what does it have to do with the war in Iraq? They are trying to impose Islam on France too, they were trying to impose Islam on the western world long before the war in Iraq started and they will keep trying long after the war is over.

    PS The supermarket is a private business, the cashier should just be fired. Of course she'll probably sue but her chances of winning the lawsuit are slim to none.
  5. Religious fundamentalism is wrong no matter who does it. If they don't want to handle pork products, I suggest that they also stop breathing the air inside a supermarket. There is a pork scent that is unclean and they should avoid that as well.
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    I agree; you dont want to handle the bacon as a cashier then guess what girlfriend you are now going to clean the bathrooms intstead everyday for the rest of your days you are employed here, unless of course you dont mind packing the bacon ( which by the way is part of her job description )...peace
  7. It was a poor "hire". Cos fault.

    On the other hand, I'd promote the guy. I like a man with principles. Yes sir, Now you be assistant manager, pay him a salary instead of hourly, up his hours. Give him the keys to the joint. He'll fail. How do you say Peter Principle in Arabic?:D
  8. i worked for a company where we had an orthodox jew. many special considerations were made for this individual. not one person complained and it all worked out just fine. we respected his faith and he showed us a mutual respect.

    why do we get so mad when it is a muslim? it just seems like many of you are looking for a reason to fight. i wouldnt mind one bit scanning my own bacon. is that really the issue? of course not.

  9. And if suddenly you had to start selling Castro made cigars?? :D
  10. Like what? What special considerations do orthodox jews require?

    More importantly I am sure that the customers of the company you worked for were not inconvenienced by jewish religious requirements, clearly the customers of this supermarket are.
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