Muslim American poll re: Al Qaeda, suicide bombings

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  1. Tiny Minority, Big Problem
    By Michelle Malkin
    Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    If we believe the spin of Associated Press headline writers, there's little cause for concern about a new Pew poll of American Muslims. "Most U.S. Muslims reject suicide bombings," the AP headline writer blithely reports.

    But the details of the poll show that the always-downplayed tiny minority of jihadi sympathizers in America is cause for big concern.

    The poll found that while 80 percent of U.S. Muslims believe suicide bombings of civilians to defend Islam cannot be justified, fully 13 percent said they can be justified, at least rarely. One in four younger American Muslims find suicide bombings in defense of Islam "acceptable at least in some circumstances."

    About 29 percent of those surveyed had either favorable views about al Qaeda or did not express an opinion.
    Yes, they either gave al Qaeda thumbs-up or had no opinion about the terrorist group responsible for slaughtering nearly 3,000 of their fellow Americans on 9/11 and responsible for a global bloodbath from Bali to Britain, the Middle East, and beyond.

    A third of those polled believe the invasion of Afghanistan to take out al Qaeda training camps after 9/11 was wrong. In addition, only 40 percent of all American Muslims believe Arab men carried about the 9/11 attacks -- joining Charlie Sheen, Rosie O'Donnell and the inside-job conspiracy-mongers. The poll focused particular concern on jihadi sympathy among young Muslims and black Muslims:

    "Muslim Americans reject Islamic extremism by larger margins than do Muslim minorities in Western European countries. However, there is somewhat more acceptance of Islamic extremism in some segments of the U.S. Muslim public than others. Fewer native-born African American Muslims than others completely condemn al Qaeda. In addition, younger Muslims in the U.S. are much more likely than older Muslim Americans to say that suicide bombing in the defense of Islam can be at least sometimes justified."

    "It is a hair-raising number," Radwan Masmoudi, president of the Washington-based Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, told the AP. Indeed. The numbers should be a wake-up call, not another excuse for the mainstream media to downplay the threat of homegrown jihad.

    The poll comes on the heels of the Fort Dix jihadi terror bust involving young, American-raised Muslims and the conviction this week of Muslim doctor Rafiq Abdus Sabir -- born in Harlem, based in Florida -- who had pledged loyalty to al Qaeda and vowed to treat injured al Qaeda fighters so they could return to Iraq to kill Americans. A Brooklyn bookstore owner and a Washington, D.C., cab driver also pleaded guilty and were sentenced to prison in the case. The tiny minority of jihadi sympathizers aren't just sitting around stewing harmlessly about their beliefs. They are recruiting, proselytizing, plotting and growing.

    I'm reminded of a similar poll conducted in Indonesia last fall. One in 10 Indonesian Muslims was found to support bombings in defense of Islam. They took the news a little more seriously in "moderate" Indonesia. One in 10 in Indonesia, you see, equals 19 million Muslims for violent jihad. That's just Indonesia.

    Recent polling in Britain found that 13 percent of British Muslims believe the London subway bombers are righteous "martyrs," and 7 percent approve of suicide bombing attacks on civilians in Britain in some circumstances.

    Now, add that to the 16 percent of French Muslims, 16 percent of Spanish Muslims, 7 percent of German Muslims, 28 percent of Egyptian Muslims, 14 percent of Pakistani Muslims, and 46 percent of Nigerian Muslims who told Pew last summer that "violence against civilian targets in order to defend Islam" can be justified "often/sometimes."

    A few fringe jihadists here, a few fringe jihadists there, and soon you're talking about bloody real numbers.

  2. [/quote]
    There is little cause for concern, at least until a more specific poll has been held.

    Every Jihad that was issued in the last 1000 years or-so has always been defensive.

    I'd count myself among the 13%, and I'm not even a Muslim nor an Arab. Would that make me dangerous?

    Every "bloodbath" from Bali to Britain took place because the countries to which the victims belonged had soldiers deployed in the countries to which the Jihadi Islamists belong. Thus the "terrorist" attacks are are justified in the eys of "the terrorists", and objectively reasoning, I can't say that they are wrong. Terrorism, resistance, etc... It's all in the eys of the beholder.

    The Afghanistan war changed nothing. It merely made the US an unsafer place. It also made the countries that deployed troups there unsafer places.

    Good for them. Suicide bombings can indeed be justified in some cases. It's a fact that suicide attacks cause damage to the economy, just look at Israel. No sane person is going to spend time in Israel knowing they could be blown up, except perhaps a gullible Christian Zioinst. I am all in favor of suicide attacks against rogue states like Israel. I'd go even further by saying that I won't mind if someone would give them the 6,000,000 they want so badly. Perhaps one day they will have it. But Israel is not the only country were suicide attacks are justified. I'd say every country that has troops in Arabic nations is a fair target. I personally believe 911 went too far, but from there point of view it's justified; We had, and still have, 1000s of troops in the Middle-East, living in gated, everything-goes communities financed by their corrupt Royal Famillies. All of this while giving billions of dollars of yearly aid to the Talmudist, anti-Christian, psychopat regime called Israel, immensely hated in the Arab world.

    The mainstream media doesn't downplay the threat of Islamists; They created it.

    911 Literally was nothing but loose change for the US. 27,000 Americans have been killed by illegal alliens since 9/11/01, and we didn't invade Mexico. On the contrary, we are going to give amnesty to all of them and no one talks about Mexicofacists.
    If a nation is at war with a religion, and the religion in question happens to have some believers in the given nation, chances are some of the faithful are going to collaborate with the "enemy". That's nothing special, just study the wars of religion that shaked Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries.

    At that time, Britain was already occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, so that makes them legal targets in my book. To hell with the UN, NATO, and all those other groups people use to justify an illegal occupation.
    As I tried to point out, it can indeed sometimes be justified. If the West would get out of the Middle-East and only deal with them to trade oil, there are not going to be any "terrorist" attacks.
    I expected Western Muslims to hold views way more extreme than those I hold myself, but I was wrong. 80% of Western Muslims seem to be brainwashed by Jewish propaganda.
  3. jem


    1 in 9, 1 in 4 younger believe in suicide bombings. What idiot wants to let more Muslims into the Country?

    Until Muslims disabuse themselves of the concept that murdering innocent civilians is OK...

    we (the U.S.) as a nation have to start taking steps to protect ourselves from the immigration of Muslims who hold these political beliefs. .

    I do not know what the number of muslims immigrating to the U.S. is - but until we can scan for these beliefs we can not let another Muslim in. We are essentially importing treason against our people as opposed to treason against our govt.

    This was a poll - imagine what the real numbers are.

    I do not say this lightly - because I appreciate any people who love their God. It is the political beliefs that should be excluded.

    Washington better wake the heck up.
  4. Really Jem?
    Strange, i could have sworn you said Luther freed so many from the yolk of oppression, and bizarelly claimed the concept of individualty didnt even exist prior to that, or strongly implied that to be the case.

    Their people of the book, are they not?
    They are, by definition, politically and religiously, one and the same thing, just as your founding fathers were, puritans, or you have an extraordinarily poor grasp of actual history.

  5. The poll found that while 80 percent of U.S. Muslims believe suicide bombings of civilians to defend Islam cannot be justified, fully 13 percent said they can be justified, at least rarely. One in four younger American Muslims find suicide bombings in defense of Islam "acceptable at least in some circumstances."

    I'd count myself among the 13%, and I'm not even a Muslim nor an Arab. Would that make me dangerous?


    Proving yet once again that Islam is a death cult.

    And please, by all means, go "defend Islam" and blow yourself up.
  6. jem


    The promotion of the concept of individual rights in the Western world is frequently ascribed to the Greeks. I implied nothing about the history of individual rights.

    I did speak about them in the context of the Western world at the time of the Protestant Reformation.

    It was not just a reformation against the Catholic Church it turned into a reformation against unjust rule and the control of individuals lives by the state. It led to the writings of Locke and Jefferson.

    Belief in the rights of the individual led to the formation of the US and the French Revolution.

    And it was Christians in the U.S. who formed and ratified the Constitution and protected individual rights. One of those freedoms being the right to worship as one chose.

    if you do not believe me and do not wish to do research - watch the Tudors on showtime.

    You will see how monarchs controlled the individual

    You even get hints of the sense that the people in Henry's court sense a new political reformation was spreading over from Germany.

    Next I have no idea what you are talking about. Whether Muslims believe in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob or in a derivative of one of the polytheistic moon Gods from mecca is off point.

    (By the way I am not speaking about Muslims who are already citizens. )

    I am saying you are a nut job if you wish to allow more Muslims to immigrate here if one in 9 and 1in 4 young ones think it is OK to murder civilians. Think about what that stat means. Regarding Muslim men. And what the real number was if the poll were accurate.

    By the way - when a constitution right like the freedom of religion conflicts with another constitutional rights like our freedom to be safe - freedom of religion frequently yields. Just look at the peyote rulings.
  7. What defines a "death cult" in your view? All religions are cults, the only positive thing about them is the fact that they preach morality, self-denial, clemency and love. Some more than others, god bless all religions that preach these values. Defending a religion from wrongdoing does not define a death cult, but that's just in my humble opinion.

    I admire some suicide bombers just as much as I admire Japanese kamikaze pilots who gave their lifes for the defence of their nation. Materialism is inherently ugly, while love for rightousness and morality are inherently good. I have no reason to "blow myself" up, however. I'm just an old hack writer with opinions, at most an austere person who obsessively preaches morality to the fleeceable youth.

    The US is the mother of "collective punishment", so I don't think that we have the moral highground to talk about the immorality of attacking civilians. The only reason the concept of "war crimes" was invented is because it permitted to the US (read: Zionist Occupied US government) to judge its "enemies" as war criminals after WW2.
  8. And the majority of americans support unleashing the most fearsome WMD (cluster bombs, DU-tipped bullets, phosphoros bombs, missles, "smart" bombs) upon civillian towns!

    What's your point?

    But hey, they don't hate us for that, noooo, they just hate "freedoms" LOL.
  9. The point is what you said is bullshit, only in your sick imagination americans support bombing civilian targets. The poll on the other side is correct, too many muslims do indeed support Al-Qaeda and suicide bombings. The reality is probably far worse than the poll.
  10. The US government is burying its head in the sand about this enormous Fifth Column of islamist terrorists and would be terrorists amidst us. The fact that most of them wouldn't blow themselves up is not the end of the story. They are willing to support, condone and assist those who have been sufficiently brainwashed. Terrorists cannot exist in isloation. They need a support network, and they receive it from sympathetic muslims.

    It is disturbing that the younger muslims are more sympathetic. so much for cultural assimilation. No doubt a good bit of this sympathy stems from their going to saudi-financed religious schools which are springing up all over the country. There is an enormous one in northern Virginia. The students are apparently endoctrinated with the standard hate Israel, US is satan propaganda.

    The sensible response to this is all too obvious to everyone but an administration wedded to Saudi oil deals and which ludicrously called islam a religion of peace. Clearly we need to stop immigration from muslim countries, stop accepting so-called refugees and begin to get rid of the non-citizen muslims here now. We also need to start applying reciprocity to Saudi Arabia. Until they allow Christian missionaries and free exercise of religion in their country, they should be barred from financing mosques and schools here.
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