Musical threapy and stress

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  1. Do you know any sources about musical therapy. I was on the phone with my friend today, and talking about how to manage stress. He mantioned about musical threapy. He said that the musical therapy imrove your connection to others, and also long-term memory.......
  2. Thanks. It's very nice of you....
    Have you ever tried those crystal things....
  3. Listening to them right now.
    As for playing them, No.
    I play Scottish Highland Bagpipes.
    Scares away baddies and wee beasties.
  4. I'm sure you play very well...

  5. Reminds me of the time I saw a guy with bagpipes on a street corner with a bowl full of money on the ground by his feet. He had a sign that said, "Pay or I play."
  6. Exactly!:D
  7. Surdo


    I have these set up a few feet from my trading station.


    el surdo
  8. Don't we all?
  9. Imo, it is a given. I had a physically demanding job, so it is not like I had energy to swim or workout. Playing the piano had peaks and valleys in my life correlated to my stress levels (I had realized this in hindsight). Secondly, you didn't have to talk to anyone, that is a relief. And last but not least, I had a place to put my beer and could play with one hand and sip when necessary, unlike a guitar or trumpet.:eek:

    I only had one major incident of falling of the piano bench.
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