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  1. Seeing as the political arena here at Elitetrader is slightly to the right of Attila the Hun and animated by people who don't know what a passport is, lets change slant to music.

    Found a great website the other day. It operates on a shareware basis and lists a lot of good stuff. Drop Trio (.com) probably the best band I've heard on there so far.

    Any other finds?
  2. How "conservative" was Attila the Hun? Did he favor deregulation and low taxes?
  3. babe714


    Little stevens underground garage has made listening to the radio fun again . Just found out they have most of the shows archived here . Man does life get much better ? He plays in Mr. Bruce Springstiens band , has a part on the Sopranos and a weekly radio show to boot .

  4. dude ! great choice !! my boys are part of the underground garage scene. happy to see real music lovers on elite

    surfer :) :)
  5. Hard to say. I know he was for the death penalty and the right to bear arms. At the same time, he was a big proponent of the re-distribution of wealth. And I'm sure like most on either side of the political spectrum, he probably despised the French (or as they were called then, the "effete sniveling Gauls"). So it's really hard to label him.

    I wonder where he stood on gay marriage.