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    HOTEL CALIFÓRNIA - Eagles Live 1977

    Samantha Fish & Sadie Johnson ~ Black Cat Bone

    SAMANTHA FISH BAND "Funk 49" 3/22/13

    Sungha Jung-Eagles-Hôtel California

    Teach your kid to trade?
    (The Beatles) Blackbird - Sungha Jung

    (Pachebel) Canon in D - Sungha Jung
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    Kid's got the fingers on his right hand wrapped in surgical tape lol... he works hard.
    To quote B.A.:


    Livin' in China though... too bad. He'll be relegated to a lifetime of playing (amazing) covers. Any and all creative expression will be closely monitored. Veer outside the norm, and there goes your social credit score.*
    *...coming soon to a country near you
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    I adore Polyphia ^^
    They sound awesome! Such guitar plays are something
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