Music while trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SilverBullet, Jun 29, 2002.

  1. I am a prop trader, and I find that my focus often wanders during the day due to those around me.....I can get into my zone, but its harder with other distractions around me (other traders)

    Have any of you experimented with listening to a discman or wearing earplugs while trading? I guess you wouldnt be able to hear the squak box...

    Let me know b/c I may try it Monday..
  2. the main reason i'm a daytrader is so i can listen to music all day. i trade from home, so it's loud and phat.

    without music, all would be pointless. -nietzsche
  3. Commisso

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    Coltrane, Miles, Bird, Monk, and Dizzy...

    Maybe some Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven.. but this is rare

    PEACE and good trading,
  4. To me, the market is music. Some times it rocks. Some times it rolls.:)
  5. Ben Liechtenstein's greatest hits. :D

    Couldn't trade without it.

  6. bugrider said it best.

    though i consider nietzche right up there with wagner.

    easyrider said something quoteable too...I'm just not sure if I get it...:D
  7. lescor


    When I'm long-

    "30 bid and a half... half's trade...half bid...80 offered...0's going now..MERRIL BIDS 100 AT O...GOLMAN LIFTS HIM...NEW HIGHS...MERRIL PAYING UP...HALF BID...REFCO COMES IN WITH A 100 BID AT 80...ONE'S TRADING NOW...NEW HIGHS AGAIN!!!

    I listen to a squawk box all day and nothing gets my juices flowing and my toe tapping more than when the action gets hot and heavy.
  8. where do you get a squawk?
  9. lescor


    There's a few of them delivered over the internet. I use is another one.
  10. i would have to agree with Commisso...jazz music while trading is good....but i also like music that willpump you up...but yes music will really get certain distractions out of the way...(cnbc, traders screaming)
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