Music while trading?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by nixad, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. nixad


    What are your thoughts?

    I tend to have the news on the TV on but since I trade forex on those weird hours i find music soothing to fill the void of quitness and to allow me to focus better
  2. Surdo


    I find Jazz or Classical music enhances my concentration. I only have CNBC on for a few minutes at the beginning of the trading day and during economic number releases.
  3. Yeah, I use Wagner -- scares the hell
    out of the shorts!
  4. ig0r


    80's pop
  5. punk rock.....diesel boy, guttermouth and the satanic surfers are a few of my trading favorites
  6. Enya, Slayer, The Carpenters, Cannibal Corpse
  7. Chagi


    Trance music. :D

    Nothing like a bit of PVD, Armin Van Buuren or Ferry Corsten to listen to while studying or trading. Though for me, trading right now = watching/analyzing the markets while monitoring position trades.
  8. Moreagr


    eurodance and techno :D 80's pop and some classic music is good
  9. keafan


    if the market's slow i'll listen to jazz or pop but when we are in a mean downtrend and i'm trading volatility names i like to listen to black sabbath, guns & roses, or blue oyster cult.
  10. JJC


    Start the day with Ride of the Valkyries... that will get ya pumped up.

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