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    I am assuming many here have fast internet access and probably the latest windows media player. I stumbled across a classical music web page featuring several free mp3 files featuring world class orchestras.

    the link to the page is:

    Now most of the music files are midi files, but the gold buttons labled "featured artist" are mp3's. They sound the best.

    If you are like me and rather clueless to classical music, you might start with this popular Tchaikovsky file "Waltz of the Flowers" Recorded live by the Moscow Symphoney Orchestra. It is near the bottom of the page and has a gold button by it.

    If you havent heard a mp3 file of classical music on your system, you may be pleasently surprised. If anyone can steer me to other popular classical mp3 links on this site, I would appreciate it. I will be interested in popular classical music that has been featured in movies, etc, which I would more likely have heard.
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    If you really want to get your brain working, listen to music from the baroque (bach, handel, etc) or classical periods (motzart, haydn, beethoven, etc). Tchaikovsky may sound nice, but I dont think music from the Romantic period has been proven to stimulate the brain. (I may be wrong)
  3. I used to be a nationally broadcast classical music radio announcer, and I'm not only very familiar with classical music, but I listen to it as well when I trade. I basically agree with jmcgaw's post ----- I think Mozart is ideal both for brain stimulation and brain relaxation. A battery of studies on animals, plants and infants has increasingly shown that Mozart has no peer ---- among any music whatsoever ---- in stimulating healthy plant growth and easing tension and anxiety in animals and humans. But Baroque is good too for the zippy rhythms and the exultant, expressively elegant feelings it generally features.
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  5. there. Some deep San Francisco House Music works for me too. :)

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    Thanks m c a 98...

    Live 365 is defintely a keeper. Hours of fine classical music of your choice with just a couple of clicks. And you don't even have to register. There is even a station of what I was orginally looking for...classical music of movie scores.

    But I have already have a new favorite, Symphonies and Concertos.

    Thanks for everyone's input.
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    I second the reference to I prefer "Texas Flood Radio" (all texas blues) but they've not every conceiv albe type of music. What the hell is "London Garage Music"? Also, they have a station called "a quote ahead" that boradcasts trades from the CME SP pit.
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