music/software downloading sites (ex: napster, kazaa, etc..)

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  1. has anyone downloaded software on these sites before ? ... or know anything about downloading software on these ?

    not music.... just software

    (ps. i know its piracy)
  2. You have to be VERY careful when installing the programs. Since they use an .EXE file, you never really know exactly what is there/being installed.

    Don't do the Kazaa thing myself, know some folks that do, and they are very happy with the price and results......
  3. Disable the file sharing, don't let people take from you. People are uploading some illegal files to these poor kids computers that leave them on all the time, unprotected. If you use Kazaa, close it, and shut down the icon in the lower right hand corner by the clock as soon as you are done.

    Record companies (this is my opinion---no facts to support it) are uploading lots of viruses and other things with Kazaa and other file sharing programs to infect the computers of people who use this system. They can't stop file sharing, but they can cause damage to people who do.

    There are other risks beside viruses and trojans.

    I have a client who got a letter from one of the local cable service provider, indicating that their "Internet Security Protection Team" had monitored someone uploading "illegal" images to their home computer. The client was horrified, and the kids had no clue, but with an open window to the internet via Kazaa, lots of things can and do flow in unknown to you.

    I was a bit horrified to know that the cable companies are "observing" the images flowing through their system, but this is a new era of scrutiny of information which is deemed "dangerous" and/or illegal by authorities.

    (In case you don't know what "illegal" images are, it is child pornography....and if those images are on your computer, you could go to jail.)

    The internet has the very best and worst of all avenues of life streaming into your home once you go on line.

    Just like our bodies are full of things we don't even know about, germs, parasites, etc. from the foods we eat----our computers can be filled with many things we don't even know about, so be careful out there, OK?

    If you don't take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your computer, you may be in for a rude awakening some day.
  4. hey optional,

    have u ever downloaded a software ?? if so, what do you do when its done ? do you have to burn it to a cd ?
  5. gaj


    be careful. lots o' viruses, etc.

    having said that, i use it sometimes to get out of print things, or to see if i want to buy an album. despite the music industry's claims, that's what most people ARE using; their cries of poverty, and accompanying charts, look exactly like:1) the stuff during cassette introduction and 2) like what happens in cyclical downtimes in the industry.

    having said that, don't use kazaa - it's loaded with spyware - use kazaa lite.
  6. Depends on the software. Some I burn and delete from the PC, some I keep on the PC.
  7. I use Kazaa to download tv shows that don't make it to Japan until years after their initial release. I'm a very happy user, but would offer some strong words of warning:

    1. Watch out for new music. The companies are out to get us and they will.

    2. Don't bother with software. I know lots of guys who have downloaded it successfully, but personally, it has always been a bust. I haven't had a single successful software download. There is just too much that can go wrong.

    3. Be aware that Kazaa contains spyware. If you take it out of the code the program won't run. I recommend everyone get a spyware buster and use it.

    Happy downloading!
  8. i stopped using them about a year ago. too risky and too time-consuming...if there's music i want, i just buy or borrow it instead...much more efficient use of my time...

    but i am only interested in music, so that's my .02 FWIW...

    i'd also recommend that you use a computer that NEVER is used for trading for such file sharing --- it'd be a huge expense to have your trading machine/machines compromised...
  9. Use Kazaalite if you don't want the spyware.

    google search Kazaalite, you'll find the site.........

    Kazaa sucks with all the spyware stuff.
  10. thanks for the PM crackedback.

    can someone tell me what exactly spyware is ?? i have no clue
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