Music producers?

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  1. Anyone produce EDM on here? I am getting into it on a hobbyist level and have an RME Fireface and Babyface and some Genelecs.
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    I've been messing around with it here and there for the last few years, mainly when my brain is fried on business. I use Ableton Live . But what I learned pretty quick is that it's just like anything else that requires skill..... it takes a lot of hard work to get good. In fact, the more time you put into it, the more you discover how much you don't know and how much your music actually sucks.
  3. Yeah, no doubt. I am messing with Ableton as well.

    I got into it from clubbing and trips to Ibiza. I am into audiophile gear and have a bunch of tube gear and high-end DACs. JL Audio Gotham sub, etc., and figured I can't do any worse than Avicii. ;)
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    Hey, you damn sure can't do any worse than Steve Aoki. :D

    One thing I learned from a producer friend is that it's really all about what plugins you have access to, and how those plugins can be daisy chained together to produce the desired effect. Ableton out of the box is good, but it really takes a lot more third party plugins than you initially realize in order to get you where you want to go.
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    I wouldn't go crazy over plugins, out of the box you should be able to produce good tracks with practice. I'd rather have a nice synth to work with for that style of music.

    I think it's all about the composition and arrangement. Subtle adding/taking away and mixing up the tracks. EDM seems pretty quantized and in 4/4 most of the time, as that is what people can easily dance to, so it's not too complicated in that way.

    I think when one limits themselves (as far as plugins, tracks, etc) they dig deeper and ultimately create some cool stuff. I use Cubase, and there is just too much in front of me, it seemed a lot easier (with a higher concentration on the actual music) when all i had was a 4 track and a few outboard effects... just flows better instead of wasting so much time fiddling with plugins, and before you know it your just sick of the part you keep trying to get perfect and scrap the whole thing.

    I would just keep banging out tracks and eventually they will keep getting better and better, but as they say... it's never done until you stop working on it, so don't be too much of a perfectionist.
  6. Ordered a pair of Event Opus monitors from Sweetwater. Will have to wait a while for delivery.
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    I'm just using some basic KRK Rokit 8's.
  8. Fun monitor. I had a pair of VXTs. I have some Genelec 8050s but will be using those for TV once I get the Opals.