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    A while back I noticed someone had mention this software. I’m interested if anyone is using it now and if yes how is it working for you.
    thanks traderjoe..
  2. well Joe, a lot's happened since then
  3. I had the opportunity to use it for a day from someone I know who has it and was impressed with 66% win rate. The biggest problem was the steep learning curve as well as Gann style knowledge from the start. It took me a day to use it but it does have a usefulness to it despite what has been said on here.
  4. And what's the usefullness of it, if you could possibly elaborate?
  5. That statement was based on the other thread that gave me the impression it was useless and baseless. The manuals are really raw in their format so that doesn't help the learning curve either. I didn't get a chance to see the learning CD but if your experienced in Gann you can read the manual and use the software for some wins. Lets face it, alot of people who trade ES can't make money because they don't work enough at the technicals and therefor want to be hand held, but with some work and reading the software can help you make money, at least it did for me. This is not the holy grail as nothing is but it is a good piece of software.Check out the trial version (I think $120) and give your own review ,or use someone elses that you know has it like I did.
  6. Naaah... c'mon. I find that hard to believe. People looking for something for nothing!!! I don't know where you're from mister, but in the good ol' US of A, we keep our noses to the grindstone and our shoulders to the wheel.

    Handouts.. freebies... pshaw! Hey btw, would you mind burning me a copy of that trial software?

    :D Just kidding...
  7. Here's what I want

    1. An award. I spent Saturday afternoon reading every single post on the Murrey Thread.

    2. I went to the Murrey website and it is obviously designed for gullible get rich quick folks.

    3. I went to

    and here was some nice information and the formulas.

    4. It is just some Gann fans and some support and resistance lines.

    5. But I really like the template, so that's what I want, but I don't want to pay for another data feed just to get it. I found one that uses q charts, and one that uses whatever it is called now, use to be computrac.

    Seems like somewhere I could find a computer template. I found some that can be printed.

    No one will ever be able to make it through any search now on this site using the keyword Murrey math.
  8. If this about the mechanics of the software and are skeptical about how it works, go to my Gann wheel thread and use the Gann wheel url someone there has and download it. Then figure out how the take all the prices and time and angle measurements and plot them on a screen.If you know a programming language you can do it or you can maybe use....pyrapoint.
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    re: addressing the post on Murrey Math tools; On a very basic level, Murrey Math is a form of Gann's theory applied to time 'frames'. As such, several charting systems appear to have implemented a GANN FRAME/Square of 10 or similar study/chart by which to assist in this type of trading.

    I am familiar with a few:

    1. MMXapp, which is a 'freeware' type of charting system that uses a QUOTE.COM data feed. It has a group on Yahoo where posters discuss theory and use of the application. The group is

    2. TRADE PROSPECTOR ( is a superior trading system that also uses the QUOTE.COM feed and supports a 'GANN FRAME' type of study (among several others), along with a very complete set of tools for just about any type of support and resistance based trading (as well as their own proprietary database and scanning subsystem).

    3. MMRT ( has a end of day as well as a real time tool that also uses the QUOTE.COM data feed and is developing a following among some traders, however, it appears to be behind the power curve since it is relative a late comer to the party.

    4. I've been informed of others (Trade Station, Esignal, etc.) that support some tools now and are developing some better tools, but have no direct expierence with any of them re: GANN FRAME.

    I have used #1 and #2 and have seen #3 in a live setting. #2 is probably the most robust and supported, with development continuing daily.

    Without addressing the relative merits of MM/Gann Frame, etc. (or any other specific theory), I will only say that I have been a very satisfied Trade Prospector customer for almost 4 years and can recommend it highly since it is the most robust, error free and full range product I have seen.

    Disclaimer: I have no relationship of any kind with Trade Prospector and am simply a satisfied customer. I trade futures, options on futures, options on indexes and equities, using 2 different brokers.

    Note: there are many posts on this site and others about the good/bad/whatever on Murrey Math. It is a subject that appears to polarize traders quickly on one side or the other. In that respect, you should not infer that this post attempts to recommend or endorse any type of theory, but simply is an attempt to provide a information to the requestor.

    Good Trading. :)
  10. thanks Big ed. Reminds me of candlesticks. When they first came out here in U.S. it was thought of as a trading method. Now some use them that way, and others just use them because they present the market well graphically.

    Same thing with the template. From what I've seen it presents the market in a different way. The trader can use it however he sees fit.
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