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    Murray has released several trading systems over the last three years. This includes a intra-day gold system which he release in April 2012.

    These systems are available for lease and can be traded at several different brokers. Here are links to the systems on

    MAR ES

    MAR Bonds

    Intra-day gold system

    Capital Trading Group: 1-877-285-0391

    Striker Securities: 1-800-669-8838

    Miles Dunbar, Daniels Trading: 1-877-276-4632

    These three brokers are our featured brokers already trading Murray Ruggiero’s trading systems. Call one of them if you want to trade these systems
  2. I'm sorry. I'm an early-onset Alzie old man. Where are the backtest reports?
  3. Advertising link claims $200 per trade average on 15 trades per month for a $75 per month lease.

    That's $3k per month. The margin on Comex Gold is $5940 so according to the advertisement link, you should make 600% of margin per year and all for $75 per month.

    Sure, I believe that Murray's systems make 600% a year and after all these years he is still peddling here on ET. If you had something that made 600% of margin yearly, would you peddle it to anyone for $75 per month?

    IMHO what has been a long term series lame ass pitches for lame ass software has turned into outright bullshit.

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    If you read my post the system was released April 2012, so it's out only a year. Also , I would not make 600% a year, If you trade at 100% of margin , I understand why your bitter. I would recommend 25K to 30K, so that a 100% year.
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    Here is the current report
  6. I will be asking the question the previous poster asked that you dont seem to want to answer.

    You said yourself that you would make "100%" per year. If that is case, every year you can add one more contract without changing your leverage ratio. You would be a millionaire in a couple of years. You would be making over 1.6 million by year 6 accounting for a ridiculous $50k per contract margin (overly conservative on purpose).

    $75 or $100 a month is pretty much toilet paper compared to this , is it not?
  7. Murray just keeps on chugging. Certainly it is the volume and not the quality of the content he produces that allows him to stay alive and occasionally snag a newbie that doesn't know any better.

    He flogs his stuff here, on the TradeStation network and anywhere else he can. My thought is that, especially after decades of the same lame produce, if any of his software or even if any of his ideas had real merit somebody other than him would be writing about it.

    Two decades ago he sounded almost like a man of science and technology - now he sounds like a huckster.

    I doubt he even trades these systems in his own account. It is for sure that if he does, he is too ashamed of the results to post them here. If he can post a theoretical back test, why not show the real thing on all these systems.
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    First of all , I don't want to leverage myself too much , so realistic returns are more like 30%-50% a year. Second I have seven people working for me. These include higher end people working on machine learning and neural network research. This costs money!!!.

    First leases are per contract, so if they trade 3 contracts that 225.00 a month. In many markets we can lease 100-200 contracts a month and not effect my trading. If I have 3-4 systems trading different markets, that real money without risk. It pays for research and overhead.

    You should know trading hard. If you need to take money from the account on a regular basis to pay expenses, then drawdown periods make it difficult to trade.
  9. And the cat, or the dog, I forget which ate my homework and while my material claims one thing and I another and then still another I still have to pay my staff who are building even more lame ass systems even though the ones I am peddling don't make enough to pay the freight and "If you need to take money from the account on a regular basis to pay expenses, then drawdown periods make it difficult to trade."

    When you say "In many markets we can lease 100-200 contracts a month and not effect my trading." Does that mean you actually have leases where the leasee is paying for 1-200 contract or that you are trading 1-200 contracts? I doubt you trade that size and doubt you have system customers that trade that size.

    You first started talking about neural networks 2 decades ago - and today none of what you peddle includes them.

    It just gets lamer and lamer and lamer.

    I can't imagine anyone with the resources to trade 200 bond or 200 gold contracts would buy anything this lame and if anyone ever did, I bet they are now long since gone.

    What say you Murray - make a lot of 200 lot trades in your own account lately? Have a lot of 200 lot customers? Given as long as you have been peddling this lame ass gear, if any of these systems worked as touted you should have plenty to trade at those levels AND pay your high end staff.

    Reeks of buschwa.
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    Here is a link to Tuttle Wealth Management, I am chief system designer and we manage 100 million dollars and it is my systems.

    Please answer the question you are avoiding, if someone offer you 200-300K for free and it would not effect what you are trying to do, would you turn it down ?. In addition I am doing good for people , they are making money.

    See it's easy to hide behind a alias, I don't , you can see my record. 190 articles, including peer review IEEE, conference stuff as recent as 2012. My simple harmony has been in the top 10 multi market list for 6 years without missing once.

    If your resume is better than mine , let's see it and let's know who you are.
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