Murray Ruggiero's Dynamic Open™ Resurrects One of The Most Powerful Trading Methods of All Time

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    We are still running our best promotion ever. Murray Ruggiero - world-renowned expert on opening range breakout - has just released a new product that revolutionizes this trading technology. Called Dynamic Open™, this technique makes opening range breakout work for commodities and futures. This package also includes everything needed to develop equity strategies. Developed exclusively for TradeStation, this incredible new trading technology is available through our website and has shown very impressive results. We don't want you to miss out on this extremely powerful trading method!
    Click here to see the amazing results from and history behind Dynamic Open™. Quantities and time is limited. We are only selling this TradeStation package for a limited time and afterwards this powerful code will only be available as part of systems that might cost $1,000 or more. Right now, you can build or tweak systems using Dynamic Open™ or just $249 (commodities, futures, and stocks)[/URL].
    Remember too that we also accept PayPal credit. If approved, you can make this purchase interest-free for 6 months! Simply checkout as per usual and once you log in to your PayPal account, either use your existing PayPal credit account or submit your application.
    Learn About The History of Dynamic Open™
    From Creator and Opening Range Breakout Expert Murray Ruggiero
    I have been developing trading systems for almost 25 years now. When I started in this business, the two methods everyone was using were channel breakout for long-term trading and volatility/opening range breakout for shorter term swing trading. Volatility breakout was amazing from the 1980s through early 2000s. You may have even argued that back then it was a license to print money. During this time, the open outcry pit system was king.
    Then in the late 2000s all of the markets switched to be electronic and 24 hours. This change alone rendered opening range breakout (including all those many systems based on opening range breakout) useless for futures and commodities. One of the greatest trading methods of all time was dead.
    This really bothered me. I was determined to bring back opening range breakout. It was not until just a few months ago that the idea on how to do this hit me and Dynamic Open™ was born!
    The code is complex and not trivial. In fact, it is so complex that I had to call one of Using EasyLanguage’s experts and co-creator of EasyLanguage, Sam Tennis, to help me code this idea. We worked on it for almost a month and now have coded Dynamic Open™ and all the supporting functions necessary to develop trading systems on it.
    See more about the history of Dynamic Open and how much Murray Ruggiero has been active in the trading community. Also, see how revolutionary this brand-new idea will be to your trading systems!
    Incredible Backtested Results
    Below are various examples using futures markets. The first column lists the markets. The second and third columns list the profits and drawdowns using classic opening range breakout methodologies. The last two columns list the profit using our brand new Dynamic Open™ software. The difference on the entire basket of markets is a 270% increase in profits, over $377,000! (These are hypothetical backtested results using TradeStation.)
    Classic Open Dynamic Open™
    Market Net Profit Drawdown Net Profit Drawdown
    Corn $35,237.50 ($15,400.00) $81,162.50 ($7,337.50)
    Soy Bean $40,150.00 ($24,850.00) $90,712.50 ($17,225.00)
    Wheat $28,300.00 ($15,700.00) $64,000.00 ($13,500.00)
    Crude $31,390.00 ($40,470.00) $73,840.00 ($34,390.00)
    Cattle $24,560.00 ($15,420.00) $39,640.00 ($11,490.00)
    Gold ($9,760.00) ($74,630.00) $46,130.00 ($43,680.00)
    US $17,406.25 ($31,812.50) $75,875.00 ($14,656.25)
    Coffee $1,312.50 ($46,256.25) $65,962.50 ($41,981.25)
    Ntrl. Gas $49,850.00 ($20,630.00) $58,340.00 ($23,390.00)
    $218,446.25 $595,662.50
    *Results for past 5 years, simple stop and reverse system
    no slippage and commission
    *Dynamic open uses 2 tuneable parameters which control the
    sensitivity to trigger the open
    Would you like to put the above results to work for your account? If so, click here to learn more about this incredible technology.
    The package we are providing includes strategies out-of-the-box from some of the most impressive opening range breakout traders around: Tony Crabel, Larry Williams, and Sheldon Knight. This allows for the same type of systems that these great traders used to win competitions and deliver fantastic results. Crabel managed over $1 billion during the height of opening range breakout, and both Williams and Knight took small accounts to over $1,000,000 in less than one year.
    Want to Trade Hot Stocks Like AAPL, FB, and TSLA?
    Our opening range breakout package works on commodities and futures, but that's not all. It works on stocks as well. In fact, we include some of the most common techniques and strategies for doing opening range breakout on stocks. The results have been impressive so far on three of the hottest stocks around:
    Equity Curve for AAPL
    Click here if seeing historically-tested results like that intrigues you!
    Notice how this equity curve keeps rising. This was coded super easily using our latest opening range breakout toolkit.
    This kit isn't just for the three stocks mentioned above. It can be used on any set of stocks and also with commodities and futures. Indeed, this package contains everything you need to start trading opening range breakout within TradeStation.
    It is also 100% open-source meaning you can not only put the power of Dynamic Open™ and opening range breakout to work for you, but you can also see all the code behind this idea. That means you can trade with confidence.
    Click here to purchase these great TradeStation packages before they are all gone!
  2. And when did you decide to sell this golden goose instead of secretly enriching yourself, quietly, out of sight?
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    I have always sold valuable trading products. The logic goes like this. This is a tool for developing systems using Opening range breakout. It has system shells to create simple systems without coding. The problem is most traders can't follow systems. On top of it , the systems people develop might not have same entry prices as mine so, why should I not take the money from customers for supplying a valuable product when it will have no effect on my trading. Another reason is the same reason I write valuable articles for Futures, I wanted to contribute to the industry and show the quality of reach I can do. My reputation as a leader in research in the industry is how I get institutional consulting work.
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    "no slippage and commission"

    lets discuss. we are talking about a system that trades in relatively fast markets with a small data delay for those not co-located.
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    Agree, its so disappointing that this sot of proposition is even allowed, slippage alone on some of these commodities can REALLY change the results, commission in this case meaning its not high frequency should not be all that much...... I would think just using market orders in the back test would be at least decent, however he has not addressed this, also he should have "several years" of testing not 5 how about back to 2001 ?
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    See, you show you don't understand the problem. How do you do backtesting to 2001 when the issue is electronic markets which don't become liquid to 2008-2010. What you said is simply stupid and show you are not really paying attention and just want to "HATE" or you don't have a clue.
  7. Murray Ruggiero

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    The reason for that was I wanted to compare apples to apples on a very simple stop and reverse strategy, basically a bogey test. We wanted to compare the "OPEN TIME AND PRICE" thats what Dynamic open calculates and measure it's power as a anchor point for a breakout not how good the system is.
  8. southall


    Saying the code is complex stinks of 'curve fitting'.
    Backtesting over just 5 years also stinks of curve fitting.

    Most markets have been dominated by electronic trading sinice well before 2010.
    In which year did the volume in the electronic S&P futures and electronic Treasury futures exceed the volume in the pits?
    I dont know exactly, but i know it was several years before 2010, maybe even early 2000s.
  9. Murray Ruggiero

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    Not True, I did the analysis for another earlier project with Pinnacle data. We merge the Pit and electronic data and it happened between 2007 and 2009 depending on the market, so starting in 2010 is reasonable. If I backtested for 6 years you would of said I picked the right period curve fitting why not 7 years or 5 years. Also until the pit's closed the pit open offers a physiological crutch.

    I also want to make a point Dynamic open was designed using Price/Volume relationship to simulate the pattern of the old Pit not by backtesting results.
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    v n
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