Murray Ruggiero Q & A

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  2. Why would you care surfer, in either case its over your head.

    Shouldn't you be more concerned with whether you are long or short in your (fantasy) positions?
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  3. yes, all claims of trading perfection and convoluted math trading are over my head. i just can't understand!

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  4. Ya think? :p

    He's the only one who is.
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  5. ated


    Ask and ye shall receive.

    There is an intermarket system early in the book with good performance. Note the win% numbers


    In backtesting it even had a short position during the crash of October 1987. However the system absolutely shit the bed right after the book came out

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  6. Does this prove anything? I don't think so. If Murray has a "purpose" or "benefit" I'd say it is as an educator rather than as a commercial systems vendor.

    The number of systems I'm aware of that he has released commercially is quite low, IMO. That tells me selling systems is not the main string to his bow and/or that he doesn't sell his best work.

    With that in mind, anyone buying publicly available commercial systems and trading them is wrong to do so. As a starting point for research and self education, however, they may have some value.

    To pick out individual items of material that suit a preconceived argument is really quite absurd; the very worst kind of "curve fitting" imaginable. An attack may be merited but please do it by constructing an argument against a body of work. Otherwise, they are just irrelevant noise revealing more about the attacker than the attacked.
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  7. Is "murraymath" a type of technical indicator described in this book?
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    The entire Index of the book is available on Amazon, pull it up and take a look. (Hover the mouse over the "Search Inside" thumbnail image of the cover and a menu pops up. Choose "Index") You can tell which book is his first one, by looking at the publication dates. 2000, 1999, and 1997. Bingo.
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    if i am not mistaken,murrymath was related to gann and other esoteric techniques.I dont think it has anything to do with M.R..
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