Murray Ruggiero Q & A

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  1. Name of book:
    Cybernetic Trading Strategies: Developing a Profitable Trading System with State-of-the-Art Technologies (1997)
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  2. spinoza


    Is it just my own sense of humor, or is there something very comical and wacky about this book advertisement. (It makes me laugh just thinking about it...)

    Anyway, what are the "Powerful Trading Methods to Make Millions" which "Publisher Guarantees"?
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  3. Actually Murray was one of the first in my knowledge to introduce the concept of using inter-market relationships to determine the true trend and make trading decisions ... the concept works for any indice where it isn't common known. :)


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  4. Murray Ruggiero provides full money back guarantee for all of his products, including the books (as noted in his Book Advertisement). So, people should just communicate with him about any concerns they might have with his products.
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  5. Charles Dow was about 90 years before Murray when he saw the Dow Industrials and Rails as linked. Recent research shows that markets can and do run in similar directions and create similar oscillations but no two markets oscillate identically and that's what is important. If markets act conversely just one time then their inter-market relationship can not be trusted and can never be used to accurately determine the "true trend" of any market.
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  6. Thanks for the memory jog ProfLogic.

    I have great respect for your writings. Having said that, there are many profitable traders who would say the above statement is neither true, nor is it correct. In matter of fact it is by measuring intermarket dynamics (which are always changing) that one can determine when different market setups are taking place, and trade accordingly.

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    Jimmy (and Happy Thanksgiving)
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  7. I agree and should have clarified by saying that it way my humble opinion.

    There are many profitable traders that look at those relationships and who trade profitably. I just couldn't do it because of the inconsistencies that are created in those same relationships.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well!:)
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  9. What is the best trading strategy in Murray's book, and real-time performance since book publication ? There must be something of significant value!
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