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    Interestingly enough,according to FuturesTruth,Murrays Super Turtle is in the top 10 performing systems for the last 12 months

    Rank System Name Annual % Return
    1. XS Bonds 315.2%
    2. Natural Gas Trader - Offense 287.5%
    3. Qtech Bellies 266.7%
    4. Natural Gas Trader - GA 217.9%
    5. Natural Gas Trader - MA 215.4%
    6. Turbo Trader Pro 197.5%
    7. ATS-3200 169.4%
    8. Anticipation 158.0%
    9. Sidewinder 157.8%
    10. Super Turtle 142.3%
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  2. taowave


    Interesting how people will rip Murray a new one for a very acceptable 20% drawdown for the Taylor Bond pro,but somehow neglect to mention his Super Turtle is up 142.3%..

    I have no affiliation with Murray, other than I use Traders Studio.Its clear,the critics have a hidden agenda,which is their business,but if you are going to post the losing systems,how about being fair and ethical and posting the winning systems??
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  3. Over the past five years, has there been much difference in performance of I-Master versus I-Master Plus?

    Maybe I-Master Plus was a significant improvement, and therefore Murray deserved another fee on top of the original fee? Otherwise, he would refund all fees if the systems were junk!
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  4. So long as a system is NOT too curve-fitted and operates more along the lines of sound general trading principles, there's not reason why it should not perform well, over-time, in varying market conditions.

    Thanks for the info and good trading to you.


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  5. It was an OK book. Murray Ruggiero has made some contributions to the profession. He may be an "Einstein" for all I know....
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  6. This performance graph does not go through year 2006. In all fairness, all performance should be included.

    The way it looks suggests negative return and lost money during real-time trading.
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  7. I do not believe that there was a significant difference in real-time performance between I-Master and I-Master Plus. But, double check me on that.....
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    Is this book still in publication? What is the actual title of this book?
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    It was a change to a couple of lines.

    Give back your money? LOL

    Having looked at the source for both I-master and I-master+, I can tell you not much difference between the two systems. It looks like a stop-gap measure to temporality stop the bleeding of the system in a final push for sales.

    Check out magazine for the performance up-to-date stats.
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  10. Not that I'm a fan of Murray, I don't know'em from Adam, but the fact of the matter is that many systems will stop working/have a change in their performance as market dynamics change and/or the system's trading edge becomes public knowledge.

    You see this phenomena happening in the RC Systems (which is why they are constantly being revamped), and many others as well.

    Optimally, the use and study of these systems are at best a stop-gap to learning how to trade&design systems on your on, a task which most definitely is not an easy one and will require extraordinary time&effort of work&study to attain the knowledge&achieve the breakthroughs required for optimal system design.


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