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Have you ever attended a Traders Expo ?

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  1. Murray Ruggiero

    Murray Ruggiero Vendor

    The 4th Annual Las Vegas Traders Expo for Active Traders

    I am very pleased to inform my clients, customers and my many fans from Futures Magazine that I will be speaking at:
    The Traders Expo
    Las Vegas, NV
    November 16-19, 2006
    Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
    TradersStudio Booth #714

    This Expo is well worth attending because it offers access to many experts in this industry. This FREE conference is specifically designed to provide quality education to active traders of every experience level, trading style, and risk posture. You will have the opportunity to learn directly from over 50 expert traders including myself. Here are more reasons why:

    · 125+ FREE Educational Workshops and Presentations
    · 50+ Industry Experts
    · 100+ Trading Products and Services Companies
    · Network with 3000+ Active Traders

    The Complete Guide to Mechanical Trading

    The most successful traders are those who use trading systems long-term. In this intensive session, I will show you that no matter what you trade—futures, equities, or Forex—how you can increase profits and reduce risk by trading and developing reliable mechanical systems. I will start from the ground up and walk you through the process of developing, and then actually trading, mechanical trading systems.

    I will be having a half-day seminar at the show. The cost is $195.00 if you sign up before October 27th and $245.00 after that date. I will be teaching how to develop profitable and reliable trading systems. This session is not just for Commodity traders, we are covering special issues relating to building systems for Stocks as well as Forex. The seminar course will come with a seminar course book as well as a demo version of trading platform TradersStudio®. If you already own TradersStudio, we will supply the code relating to the materials in the course, to everyone that signs up. The concepts that will be taught can be used by other trading platforms, but some things like developing portfolio-based systems cannot easily be done with some of the other popular tools.

    This presentation will start from the ground up and walk you through the process of developing, and then actually trading, mechanical trading systems. If you are new to systems and want to learn how to develop them or a seasoned system developer who wants to take you knowledge to the next level this seminar is for you!

    Some of the topics that will be covered include:

    • Discretionary versus mechanical trading, what they can learn from each other.
    • Classic concepts used by 90% of all mechanical trading systems.
    • How what you are trading effects system development, futures, equities & Forex.
    • Developing your own concepts for mechanical systems (in search of a premise).
    • Dealing with data for futures, stocks, and even Forex.
    • Understanding the markets you are trading and how it affects system development.
    • Converting your premise into rules.
    • Trading systems testing and optimization.
    • Analyzing and refining your system.
    • What is the probability your system will make money in real life?
    • Trading your system.
    • Trading a basket of markets and systems is the only Holy Grail.

    This session is valuable to a wide range of traders from stock traders who want to add a systematic technical approach to their trading to futures traders who want to develop systems to manage their own or others accounts. We will even address some of the issues involved to build mechanical systems for the Forex markets. If you ever wanted to learn about developing systems this is your chance to learn from one of the most respected system developers in the world.

    TradersStudio also has a booth at the show, it is located at booth # 714 and I will be available to answer your questions and demonstrate the TradersStudio trading platform suite. I hope you can join us at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas on Nov 16-19th and come to my Session; this is a great chance to talk to my many friends and customers alike.
    I hope you can attend my seminar.

    To register for my seminar click the link below, this link will bring you to my session on the site, scroll to the bottom of my write up and click the Purchase Now button to sign up.

    Come See Me at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas at booth #714
    I am proud to be presenting at The Traders Expo, and I would especially like to invite you to join me for the following presentation:

    The Complete Guide to Mechanical Trading*
    Saturday, November 18
    1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

    *$245 per person, SAVE $50—Purchase before October 27: $195 per person. This also includes refreshments.

    You will be asked to sign up for the conference first before completing the purchase of my seminar.

    To Purchase this Event visit:
    Please scroll down for the button to register for my talk

    Register FREE for the Expo. It only takes a minute.
    Register for free admission to The Traders Expo in Las Vegas by calling 800-970-4355 (be sure to mention my name Murray Ruggiero, and priority code #006832) or by visiting:

    Murray Ruggiero
  2. Expert traders don't take time off to do money shows, let alone 50 of them.
  3. taowave


    I guess you will be there in that case:D

  4. Quote from fletch2:

    If someone was able to design a "robust system", why would they seek additional revenue by marketing strategy development tools? Certainly a robust system could be scaled up over a few years to provide more money than any one person could ever need in their lifetime.

    Can you explain this apparent contradiction?
  5. Murray Ruggiero

    Murray Ruggiero Vendor

    Here is a link where this topic was discussed recently before.

  6. I dont know if Murray Ruggiero is a trader or not.

    But if I traded a mechanical system and made say $10 million a year and then started a trading related software company to fill up my spare time, the fact that i made 10 million a year trading shouldnt effect the business plan for my software company, i would still want to charge customers for providing training..
  7. taowave


    i was wondering the sme thing myself...its not like they are mutually exclusive events....

    its like saying William Oneil shouldnt have IBD or charge for it since he also runs a fund.....Ditto for Ben Zacks..
  8. LT701


    I think a trader's expo could be a very valuable experience

    ....if you were trying to learn how to be a con man

    very rare to see so many professionals in one place