Municipal Bonds

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Arnie, Apr 14, 2008.

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    This morning on CNBC they had a blurp about Puerto Rican 2004 AAA General Obligation Bonds yielding 12% (18.5% taxed equivalent). I think some of these prices on bonds are just ridiculous. What is the best way to play these? Buy the bonds outright? Buy a MF that specializes in muni's? Is it too early to buy here? :confused:
  2. It is a 2024 maturity and is an auction rate bond with a failed auction. Don't consider buying these unless you want to own them until 2024 or until the auctions stop failing.
  3. Muni's are buy and hold, that's for sure. I used to sell them.

    Either buy outright or don't bother. A fund that only buys bonds is a joke after fees. Bonds were designed to provide regular income. That's it. Don't buy this thinking your principal is going to explode. It'll probably be under water for a bit actually.
  4. brownsfan....since you followed munis do you know if PR is on the verge of bankruptcy? i haven't even bothered to keep up with it. i just did a quick google and saw they were bleeding money 2 years ago. do you know of anything more up to date?
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    Thanks guys. You probably saved me some money :D