Mummy’ Merkel battered as Germans lose faith in EU

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  1. "The stakes could scarcely be higher. “If the euro fails, it is not only the currency that fails,” Merkel warned last week. “Then Europe fails. The idea of European unity fails.”

    "We give millions to countries where they have big annual pay rises, perks for civil servants and soaring pensions. I’ll have to work to 67 for a pension that might not be enough,” complained Ulrike Daunheim, a 38-year-old shop assistant and Bild reader."

    “Greece has no industry worthy of the name, makes no products with prospects on a global scale and carries out no research to discover any,” was the verdict of the left-liberal Der Spiegel news magazine."


    Economic distress lay the foundations of war. Without Germany’s hyperinflation of 1923 Hitler would have never come to power.

    What would Europe be like 10 years after an economic collapse of Greece, Spain, England, France? A Europe bristled with nuclear weapons no less and a 2000 year history of periodic anarchy.

  2. Didn't I read somewhere that a Greek government employee could choose to "retire" at 40? And after death, his retirement benefits might continue to his daughter during her lifetime? What a crock! No wonder they're broke! And the private sector is supposed to PAY for all that largess?

    Germans SHOULD be pissed at being required to bail them out. Hell, AMERICANS should be pissed at being forced to chip in.
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    A federal Europe was doomed from the start.
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    Piigs have the same mentality as the US Public Sector workforce does..

    It all works as long as somebody else can pay for it