Multivariate regression library for C++ under Windows

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  1. What is the easiest and quickest way for me to get the ability to do multivariate regression and have access to the usual t and F statistics, and all the usual good stuff. Do I have any real open source options that will work for me under Windows?

    R embedded is proving to be unwieldy.
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    I would bet that matlab has an extensive regression toolbox.. It also lets u use C++ code.
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    I second the recommendation for GSL.
  5. +1 for GSL.

    BTW, didn't you ask this question on another board recently (Brian?) ?
  6. I might as well be Brian if it gets me answers.

  7. What have you tried w.r.t R?
    I think it's best to get R work with C++/Java...
  8. I compiled R.dll, included all the headers, then used the Rcpp and RInside classes. Then I wrote some wrappers to let me manage things like regressions and such. It works fine, until I compile it as a DLL and import into a third party process. Stability goes wonky then.

    But also, I don't like the way it's structured -- parsing text and constructing vectors -- it's tedious. Do you have a better way?

    The DCOM version was a hassle because you have to run the GUI, the proxy interface, and the DCOM server. I found that to be impractical also.
  9. How about other methods of connecting R to C++/Java? Say socket?

    I think the best way is to call R functions from within C++/Java.

    Why is DCOm bad?

    I think it's important to get R working with C++/Java so you could leverage other functionalities of R.
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