Multiply number of chart displays without adding monitor

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  1. If you use charting software like TradeStation which supports multiple "Desktops", you can effectively multiply your available chart displays (provided your computer CPU is fast enough) without adding monitors.

    On one of my trading computers, which drives 7 to 8 physical monitors, I dedicated 4 monitors to display charts of different stocks side-by-side. 8 charts (2 per stock) on each monitors. That makes 32 charts total on 4 monitors. I created a second and third (and so forth) TradeStation "desktops", each spanning over 4 monitors. Each of these desktops can contain another 32 charts either on the same basket of stocks with different settings, or same chart settings on a different basket of 16 stocks.

    You just simply use Alt-Tab to switch between different TradeStation desktops to view the different sets.

    The only issue is during the opening minutes. Many charts slow down the real time update on each (too many price prints coming across). But usually after 15 to 30 minutes it would work fine for the rest of the day.
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    The other possibility to explore is the use of a scanner with audible/visual alarms. Once you get a trading model set-up alert from the scanner, you can then pull up the appropriate chart and investigate further.
  3. you can also add additional charts to your monitor by adding additional work-spaces to each desktop.
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    I wouldn't mind too much if the alert saved me the trouble of digging out the chart and went ahead and displayed the chart of interest appropriately.
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    Sounds good. What's the procedure required to implement this capability?
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    Quote from Roxiticus:

    you can also add additional charts to your monitor by adding additional work-spaces to each desktop.

    Sounds good. What's the procedure required to implement this capability?
    your post showed posting time as 2011-06-18 saturday....?

    but in nyc, the time is only.... 2011-06-17 friday even....?

    you must be in asia somewhere?

    did you people ever hear of esignal as a signal source provider at the exemplary level.... ever? LOL :cool:
  7. If you want to add additional workspaces to your tradestation desktop just position your mouse pointer over the workspace tab ( just like adding a tab in excel) and click "add Workspace" . It will now show a new "untitled workspace". save it and name it.

    I run 4 desktops with 16 workspaces all open at the same time.


    Say you have a workspace with 20 charts on it.

    FYI you can just "save workspace as" give it a name this will make an exact copy of your current workspace and just change the symbols in the charts in the new workspace.

    then to have 2 workspaces open at the same time

    just "File" Open workspace, locate your old workspace and hit open. now you have 2 workspaces open under one desktop.

    In tradestation you can have multiple desktops and any number of workspaces open (as long as you have the horsepower to run it all)

    Good Luck!!
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    That would be a no and well, another no. You one of 'those' people, lol
  9. There are many scanners out there, which one you suggest? Or you mean develop your own?
    I have a model and i want to use a scanner for but i am a little confused to develop my own or to use a scanner that gives me the capability to combine certain parameters to build my model.
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    I use ScanExpert, because I need to perform custom studies on several timeframes for the same instrument.

    I you only use one timeframe on a symbol, most anybody's scanner will work.

    So, essentially you buy a canned package and adapt your studies and methodologies to it.
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