multiple threads nuisance.

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    This problem is impossible to fix.
    It is easier to go to Mars than to fix this problem

    No solution as it have been happening for weeks.

    @Tarzan will dominate the forum.

    Perhaps tarzan is a ET ghost sponsor

    We have to find alternative forum
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  3. deaddog


    Why is it a problem? A quick glance at the thread starter and you can ignore that thread.
    He gets some response so some people are interested.
  4. destriero


    Because he doesn't actually trade these calls. Start a journal or trade thread where all of the tickers can be condensed. He sim-trades the thing and it dies inside a day. Pointless. There is no value add. Zero.
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    I agree it's pointless but if you have to add value to post here; half the posters have to stop.:)
  6. wrbtrader


    Tarzan is a former low IQ member that was banned. He then created a new alias and rejoined the forum as Tarzan. Yet, his hood is pulled off because he still can not hide his pathetic racism when he ventures into the political threads.

    In addition, it looks like he never made it past 6th grade considering he not only doesn't know the history involving Pilgrims and Indigenous Americans...he does not know how to spell Columbus while he attacks the English of others.

    Columbus is not spelled Colombus !!!

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    That NY_Hood moron? Either that or our friend from Trenton.
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  9. Bugenhagen


    Lyle is an Asian immigrant isn't he? Started out in some farming state as a kid and took up some tech work?

    I was thinking of him watching that movie Minari. Of course he then moved to Miami to help green investors lose their money.
  10. destriero


    Yeah, it's clearly lylec305. I had NY_Hood identified but can't recall as I think his new nick was banned as well.
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