Multiple Swing Strategies Possible???

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Corso482, May 13, 2003.

  1. I have one swing trading strategy that holds water-- seems to work now and backtests well since '97 (far back as I can go).

    I only want to trade high volume stocks, i.e. 800k shares a day minimum. I do this because I want the strategy to be scalable.

    I cannot find another strategy within the same timeframe that works and is uncorrelated to the strategy I already have.

    Now, it seems to me that all high volume stocks move in lockstep, which means its impossible to find uncorrelated strategies within the same time period.

    Does anyone have more than 1 strategy that works on high volume, big cap stocks within the same timeframe? Are the strategies not correlated? I'm not asking for specifics. I'm only curious if other traders have been able to do it.
  2. Really :) ? that's why I trade indice future only it's less work than trying false diversification :D.

    Not only adding a position is not a diversification it is equivalent to increase leverage. So taking a panel of several stocks or trading strategies is not stupid but it has more to do with increasing chance of capturing a big opportunity than with risk diversification. Since I don't know what intention you have really perhaps what I said is what you think already but generally people think it is for diversification.

    If you want to do multiple swing it could be rather done trading on different time scales. It is as if you were dedoubling yourself into several traders :D