Multiple Streams of Income to Augment Trading Career

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    In order to normalize the income from our daily trading, I am curious as to how many ETers have multiple streams of income.

    For example, some successful traders offer a service to watch their screens for a fixed monthly rate (Say $100) so that beginners can observe. Others may participate in affiliate marketing programs. Others may own real estate. Some hawk things on eBay.

    What do you do, if anything, in addition to your trading to diversify your income streams and protect your financial freedom from corporate drudgery?
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  6. To make a decent living, you must have at least $300k, preferably $500k in your account.

    Most traders lose, so are you sure you'll risk $500k learning to trade?
  7. Nonsense. 75-100K is sufficient. If you blow it all you clearly have no money management. No need to have 300K plus.
  8. I think it's a good idea to diversify your income, especially if you grow your trading size to a point that your returns are suffering. If I reached that point, I'd pass through short timeframe gains into longer timeframe investments. Something like:

    Day Trading -> Active Portfolio Management -> Real Estate/Bonds -> Venture Capital
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