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    hi to you all
    where can i find stands for 2-4 screens
  2. LIRONB15


    that fast?!?!?!!
    that's must be a record.
    thenx anyway.
  3. Point wasnt the speed, it was how people like to have others do the work for them, no matter how simplistic the task is.
  4. LIRONB15


    i know what you ment
    next time if you don't want to help don't help.
    but don't talk like your shit aint stink.
    forums are for helping peaple so if it's to hard for you to help,like i sad before don't.
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  6. Christ, it took me about five minutes to try and figure out what the hell you were trying to say.

    Here this will help ( since this is all about helping people)
  7. LIRONB15


    you are a funny kid :p
    the thing is english is not my lenguage.
    so i looked for help about it :D and found your mother.
    the bitch tried to teach me haw to talk and write but it was hard for her to talk when she had my dick in her mouth,so she didn't sound right and i still having problems with my english.
  8. That's a clever one, did you come up with that yourself or did you have some help from your, "whatever the hell you speak- to- English dictionary"?

    Oh sorry, I should probably type so you can sound out the words like a two year old.

    Wuld that b ezier 4 u?
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    lol. Typical ET thread.
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