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    Hi all,

    I am looking for a cheap software that allows to run several scans in realtime. I tested the demo version of Amibroker and it looks fine but I wonder if it is possible to run several scans in realtime? Is it possible to open several Automatic Analysis Window at a time with the real version? Is there a way to have 5 scans running in parallel?

    Can Amibroker users help? Or can somebody suggest a software that allows to do that for less than 80$/month (realtime feed included)?

    Thanks for your help,
  2. Hello,

    I am looking for a software that allows me to run several scans in realtime. I tested the demo version of Amibroker and the Analysis tool seems to be a very intereting feature. Is it possible in the real version to run several AnalysisWindow at the same time? Is there a way to get the update in this window in realtime?



    You can either join your scan into single exploration (see Tutorial on how to write your own exploration) and add many user-defined columns to display various conditions of your choice.

    The results in Auto-analysis window represent current data as of time of the scan. You would need to re-scan to update. There is an option to "scan every" n minutes so you can have them updated say every one minute.

    Alternatively you can place AlertIF statements into custom indicator code (or commentary). This will enable you to get alerts immediatelly as new real time data stream into your computer.

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    Tomasz Janeczko
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    I am trying to set up Amibroker for realtime scans on EOD data.

    I set up 2 databases. The RT 1min bar works fine but I have a problem with the EOD database. I built it with Yahoo and then switched to MyTrack. The problem is that AB does not retrieve data from MyTrack on this EOD database although I set it properly (I think).

    Here is the set up I use:

    Data source: MyTrackRTDataPlug-in
    Local data storage : Enable
    Number of bars: 10000
    Base interval: 1min (or EOD)
    Proxy port: 1030

    For instance today I only have data until 31/07/03. AB does not retrieve the last bar. If I delete a stock and create it again I get 1min bars but no daily bars even if I switch to EOD base interval in database setting.

    The other database works well with the same set up.

    What did I do wrong? How can I get RT data on my daily graphs? I need these graphs and database to be updated in realtime to run real time scans with AB on daily bars. Is that possible?

    I would appreciate your help.

  4. does the best job for $45.00 per month. You don't need any feeds and is integrated with pretty much everyone.