Multiple personalities and plagarism software

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  1. My oldest has to submit school papers online through a service that somehow compares the paper to other papers and who knows what to look for plagarism. One of his was flagged as likely 50% plagarized. I watched him write the paper(more like was in his face because he put it off) so I feel safe saying it wasn't palgarized, but the teacher told him just change some wording, and sure enough it was good.
    Anyway, I was thinking if software like this couldn't be used to pinpoint all the duplicate id's on Elite. In other words be used to copmpare writing styles or whatever of all the Id's and issue probabilites as to which numerous Id's belong to the same person.
    OK, yea, I'm on the sidelines while Paulsen speaks and bored.
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    then ET will only get 10 posts a day.

  3. Couple of years ago, my daughter had a paper due. She just couldn;t get going, left her work all over my desk, at the time she was using my computer. Dragging this on and on, and I like you, had to keep her on task.

    One Sunday morning, I looked over her papers and just wrote the damn thing for her. I said "Ta da, you're done". We did understand each other,without saying so, that she was not to hand mine in. She didn't hand it in but she did take it to class to show her friends, it was quite humorous and blunt. The topic was music videos and drug use.

    Her teacher noticed the commotion in the classroom as she passed my paper around, people laughing, etc. and asked her what's up? She handed in the paper "My Dad" wrote. The teach graded it and sent it back with corrections and asked me to document my research.