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Discussion in 'Trading' started by alzibob, Oct 21, 2001.

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    Sorry to visit something that I'm sure has been said 1000's of times, but here i go!

    I have to set up a dual monitor set up for a friend, He has Win Me but more than that i don't know(sorry), what are the minimum specs for running two monitors from one base unit.

    My friend wants to do some online trading. any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    As this is your first post you might not know that we have a forum dedicated to your type of question. In the upper left click "Discussion", then click "Hardware".

    With that said, WinMe supports multiple monitor cards so you have a couple of choices. Either get a dual-monitor card like the ATI Radeon VE or the Matrox G400 or G450, pop them in and you're ready to go. Or you can get two separate single-monitor cards, but be careful as they are not all compatible with each other and there's no sure way to know other than trial 'n error. If you go this route it's safer to get two cards that are the exact same or, at least, the same manufacturer.

    Also, I suggest you tell your friend that WinMe is probably the least stable operating system he can run, which is not something that warms the cockles of a trader's heart. He would be better served by Win98 at the very least (although it's not a whole lot more stable), or much better yet, WinNT or Win2000.