Multiple Monitors With To Get All Speakers On All Monitors To Work

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  1. I bought six AOpen F2925 monitors and they each have their own speakers. I'll be using all six for trading. I want all the speakers to work. Any Ideas? I only have one audio output jack on the back of my PC. Is there a wire I can buy to accomplish this? Will my pc be able to supply power to all of those speakers (note that the monitors do not come with a plug for the speakers)? I don't know how monitors such as these work: does the monitor power the speakers or does the power come from the PC?

  2. Tamli


    integrated PC speakers sucks... and If you'll connect them all together, you'll lost stereo effect, because you'll have stereo on every monitor.....

    just buy some good external speakers

    I have LCD monitor - Eizo FS L557 and the integrated speakers sounds horrible (because they have only 1W)!

    I bought Creative 7.1 speakers and absolute satisfaction..
  3. I'm building 2 quad monitor systems right now...
    And I went the opposite route...
    Monitors with no speakers, thin black borders, and controls on the thin border.

    The monitors I went with are the Viewsonic VP920B and VP2030B.
    They are OK... the brightest monitors I have ever seen.

    I'm buidling 2 new, very fast computers with a PCI-X Nvidia Quadro NVS 440 256MG graphics card with quad DVI output...
    And Nvidia nView driver will handle the software end of quad display.

    It's worth it...
    Seeing much more info as opposed to clicking all day long...
    Will probably increase my productivity and profits by about 10%.

    You will need 5 of these.
    Check this out, you will probbaly loose volume but you can avoid that by putting an amp (pick up a used one for 30-40 USD) between the computer and the speakers.