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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by J-Trade, Jul 14, 2001.

  1. J-Trade


    Does anyone have any experience using multiple monitors with a portable ? I'd like to add 2 x 15" lcd monitors to my 850mhz 20gig 320mb RAM portable. I understand that plugging one monitor into my video out port + using an Appian Graphics PCMCIA card to connect the second monitor, using Appian Hydravision software to control the whole set-up, should work. So I'm wondering if anyone has actually done it succesfully ? Secondly, can I get enough data down a 56k line to make using 3 monitors worthwhile (I live on the Ligurian coast in Italy, & ADSL is still some way away from my area) ? I'll be using eSignal with Ensign software, by the way.

  2. kempo



    I have the exact setup you just described using the Appian Traveller pmcia card. I have less processing power (650mhz) and less memory (256mb) than you, with no problems. I very rarely get a Blue screen of death, but that could just be Win98 acting up.

    I have a cable connection, so I don't know the answer to your other question.

    Good trading,
  3. J-Trade


    Thanks for your very fast response, Kembo. I'm using W2000 on my new computer, which has not crashed once in the 4 months I've been using it.
  4. Gepard


    J-Trade, I am using three monitors with Esignal and a lot of other software working in realtime and using other data feeds. While an ISDN line is much more efficient, even versus ADSL IMHO, a 56K works well. I am typing these lines from an hotel in the Alps, and I am currently trading every day from here on a 33k modem. ;-)

    BTW, since I too usually live in your same location, if you are interested and email me I can give you some tips about using the right local provider, it can be more important than the system itself.
  5. kralcd


    Are you also using the Appian Traveller pmcia card?
  6. Gepard


    Kralcd, no, it is a new product I had never heard of. I am using three Matrox card in a desktop computer.