Multiple monitors for laptops

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Andy62279, Sep 27, 2002.

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  2. Ok, I don't know much about computers, so I'm gonna need someone to assist me on this one. I found a website that shows specs of my computer....

    So now what do I need to do to set up at least one more monitor? Do I need the XP pro?

    If it's going to cost several hundred dollars (XP pro, video card, monitor), then maybe I can get away with just upgrading my memory, or possibly buy another cheap computer? I just need something to get by for the next year, but I still need something fast and dependable.

    Thanks for your help,
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  3. gnome


    Well, that's a surprise. The literature says (or at least SAID, when I was deciding what OS to put on my new computer... decided on Win2000, BTW), "... XP Home Edition does not support multiple monitors..."

    Maybe they've patched that feature on Home to allow multiples?
    Maybe you've really got XP Pro and don't know it?
    Maybe you really ARE lucky! (If, so, hope it carries over into your trading.)

    If it has changed (to allow multiple monitors on XP Home), that's good. I always thought it was a another MSFT hose to make a user buy a more expensive OS for multiple monitors... especially since W98 and Win2000 already had it.
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    I have NEC Laptop and I connected to old 15 inchs CRT and I can use it for fun..
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    the solution for you is very simple. Do one of the following:

    1) Go to HP website and find the specs for your laptop, and see if it says multi mon capable.
    2) Call HP, and ask them. Don't know if there is a charge for that.
    3) Just hook up another monitor to the back of your laptop and try. You don't have an extra monitor? Just bring your laptop to a friend's house and hook it up and try. Shut down your laptop. Hook up the external monitor. Turn on laptop and monitors. Go to display settings, and see if 2 monitor icons show up. Click on the second monitor icon and check off 'expand to this monitor'. And voila.

    I would think choice 3 is just the easiest to do.
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    There is another multiple monitor product which is cheeper
    approx $149.00
    Margie Display To Go.
    Haven't tried product just researching for when I get by first notebook.
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  8. I'll give that a try... hopefully it'll work.

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