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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Andy62279, Sep 27, 2002.

  1. Anyone here know how to hook up multiple monitors to a laptop? I have a hewlett packard pavillion zt1145... somethin like that. Your help is appreciated.

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    David I

    I don't know if your laptop has any built in provisions to already do this or not but I do know of someone that uses the Appian Traveler card successfully to do this. The Appian website shows a picture of a projector hooked up as the second monitor but he uses a CRT and extends his desktop that way.
  3. I have XP, and I was browsing thru the computer specs, and it mentioned that I can add additional monitors, and even had directions how to switch from one screen to another. It did mention that I plug in some pc card to do this. Just wondering where I can find these pc cards.

  4. David I

    David I

    From the Appian website on their Traveler card:

    "Appian Traveler is a PC-card add-in adapter with 4 MB of onboard RAM dedicated to your secondary monitor."
  5. Sweet... that's what I need. Thank you for your help.

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    Appian Traveller is NOT compatible with XP.

    Some newer Laptops are able to do an extra monitor throught the VGA out that is built in. You are then able to stretch your desktop from you laptop screen to the desktop screen. You have to check the specs, or just try it out.

    Older laptops can also do this, but may be limited to the older OS such as 98SE. I have a circa 2000 P3 450 Gateway laptop that can do multiple monitor, but only on WIN98SE. I now have XP installed, and this function no longer works. Why? Cause Gateway didn't bother to rewrite their video chip driver; they want you to buy a new laptop. Laptop video driver are OEM dependent.
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    Do you have XP Home edition? It does not support multiple monitors, anyway. MSFT makes you buy XP Pro for that... extra $99-279, depending upon where you buy.
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    I have XP Pro installed. If Gateway comes around to updating their video drivers, it would work, otherwise, there's no way around it. You cannot use the generic XP drivers for multiple monitor support on laptops.
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    If you have two or more laptops what do you need to link their screens?What operating system?What card/gizmo?Can it be done with a wireless gizmo?
  10. I have XP Home installed on two computers, both running multiple monitors. One has two separate video cards. One has two cards but one of the cards is a dual head card.

    Either I am lucky, or must disagree with gnome.
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