Multiple Monitors 2X2

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Eastboy, Apr 16, 2001.

  1. Eastboy


    I am actually using 4pcs of 18.1 LCD displays configured 2 by 2 on my trading desk.

    This is kind of a strange anyone of you who use a similar arrangement or other arrangements of multiple monitors, get a split-attention problem?

    I duuno why...but I seem to have a *real* problem with focusing on 4 monitors at a time. I try juz concentrating on 1 monitor but the other 3 monitors in the background juz keeping pulling my attention.

    Anybody share the same experience?
  2. The human mind can only take in about 8 bits of info at any one time. It's how they are grouped.

    I 've got a monitor for the S&P's another for my account/trade manager with a 5min/15min/1 day chart for the stock I'm watching/trading and a 1 min with an ECN time and sales

    I would love to add more monitors but know it would probably be info overload

  3. mindgame


    Yuppers my threshold is 4 monitors also... attempted to try 5, endded with that little guys on the shoulders saying. let it ride, let it ride...

    Now back to 4 screens, and havent heard that little man since... :)