Multiple monitor support for laptops in XP Pro

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by corvus, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. corvus


    I just ran across this...apparently XP Pro has something called DualView in it that lets you do multiple monitor setups on a laptop that doesn't natively support multiple monitors, using the VGA port most laptops have. Has anyone with XP Pro tried this? Looks fantastic!

    Also, does anyone know of any laptops that support multiple monitors natively?
  2. Yep. It works. Windows ME also has the same thing.

  3. Corvus, apparently the new Sony Vaio will support xtra monitor.
  4. corvus


    So that got me thinking...I went into my display properties, and sure enough, my little old IBM Thinkpad iSeries can do it too under Win2k! How incredibly useful, and I didn't even know I had it! I swear I looked in the docs and they said nothing about this.

    Only bummer is that it only works in 16 bit color mode...
  5. Your video memory is probably not large enough to support more than 65536 colors at your desired resolution. You shouldn't notice this, though, in anything but photoshop or graphics apps as Windows will not have to paletize your apps. It's 256 or below that is limiting.